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We developed Line Up because we are avid music fans who love to visit live music venues. We were missing an app to carry our tickets in an attractive way, without frantically looking in our emails or storage apps.

Also, we love to share our upcoming concerts with friends, so they might tag along. Music with friends is always better, right?

Line Up is free and will be improved and extended, so expect new features in the future. The base app will always remain free.

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  • holds all your concert/music/theater venue tickets
  • will automatically brighten your screen when showing tickets ​and able to zoom in on QR codes
  • all your tickets will be combined as an LINE UP concert ​agenda you can share over socials with your friends
  • your upcoming concert will be shown on the homescreen, ​with a link to google maps to plan your trip, get your ticket ​and share your concert
  • different music themes and colors available,
  • more soooooon...
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Line Up is a young app, developed by Nienke & Rick and we are always open to improve it. If you have suggestions, feedback or questions, just send us a note and we'll get back to you.

Send us an e-mail or reach out to me on my personal insta. Enjoy!

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